Mozambique debris ‘almost certainly from MH370’

Sydney – Two pieces of debris found in Mozambique are “almost certainly from MH370”, Australia and Malaysia said on Thursday, after technical analysis provided fresh clues to the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft.

Until the latest discoveries, only a wing part recovered from a beach on the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, which lies east of Mozambique, had been confirmed as coming from the plane that disappeared two years ago.

“The analysis has concluded the debris is almost certainly from MH370,” Transport Minister Darren Chester said, adding that investigators had found the pieces were consistent with panels from a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft.

“That such debris has been found on the east coast of Africa is consistent with drift modelling performed by (national science body) CSIRO and further affirms our search efforts in the southern Indian Ocean.”

Mossel Bay debris

The two pieces are a flat grey fragment with the words “No Step” printed along one side, found on a sandbank, and a metre-long piece of metal picked up by a holidaymaker.

Malaysia’s Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said investigators had advised that the “dimensions, materials and construction” of both parts conformed to Boeing 777 specifications, while the “paint and stencilling on both parts match those used by Malaysia Airlines (MAS)”.

“As such, both parts are consistent with panels from a MAS Boeing 777 aircraft, and almost certainly are from MH370,” he said in a statement, adding that the examinations conducted in Australia’s capital Canberra took place from March 21-23.

Australia is leading the search for MH370 in the remote Indian Ocean, where the Kuala Lumpur-Beijing flight is believed to have diverted when it disappeared on March 8, 2014 carrying 239 passengers and crew.

Another piece of debris yet to be identified as coming from the missing jet was picked up near Mossel Bay, authorities said on Tuesday. They did not reveal when it was found.

Malaysia is working with South African officials to arrange for the examination of the fragment, which Australia’s Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre (JACC) said on Wednesday was “suspected to be the cowling from an engine”.

Mossel Bay lies more than 2 000km from Vilankulo, the Mozambican resort where one of the pieces being examined in Australia was found.

Specialists, including from Australia and Boeing, have been conducting investigations in Canberra alongside the Malaysia team on the two Mozambique items.

When a two-metre-long wing part known as a flaperon washed up on a beach on the French overseas territory of La Reunion in July, it was the first concrete evidence that MH370 met a tragic end.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), the agency leading the search, had said then that its location was consistent with drift modelling of where debris might have floated.

Chester said the hunt for the crash site, far off Australia’s southwest coast, would continue, with nearly 80% of the target area so far checked but yielding nothing.

“There are 25 000 square kilometres of the underwater search area still to be searched. We are focused on completing this task and remain hopeful the aircraft will be found,” he said.

Three vessels contracted from Dutch firm Fugro – Fugro Discovery, Fugro Equator and Havila Harmony – along with Chinese ship Dong Hai Jiu 101 are scouring the ocean depths, with the plane believed to have sunk up to 4 000 metres.

The operation has been projected to cost up to Aus$180 million ($130 million, R2bn).

The governments of Australia, China and Malaysia, where most of the passengers were from, have agreed that when the target zone of 120 000 square kilometres has been fully searched – expected to be around June to July – they will end the hunt unless “credible new information” emerges.

Analysis of the flaperon has so far not offered further information to help solve what happened to the aircraft.

Analysts have said that only by locating the crash site and recovering the black box will authorities be able to solve the mystery of why the plane went down.

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When selling online, you will need to setup a payment platform that works for you such that it holds your money in an account soon after sales have been made. You can setup payment platform that accepts credit or debit cards, ATM cards, iWallet, G-Switch or even global tools like Payza or Liberty reserve.

How to deliver sold items
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Nine jail officers on trial over beating of New York inmate

New York – The trial of nine US jail officers accused in the brutal beating of an inmate and subsequent cover-up opened Wednesday with a dramatic account of the July 2012 assault in New York.

The trial is expected to spotlight alleged systemic violence at Rikers Island, one of the largest jails in America.

Elected Democrats have called for the facility to be shut down, amid a national campaign against police brutality and demands for criminal justice reform.

Expected to last several months, a jury will determine the guilt or innocence of six defendants.

The three other defendants have opted for a bench trial in the case, which is being presided over by Judge Steven Barrett of the Bronx Supreme Court.

A tenth defendant will be tried separately.

The defendants, all former or current officers, face criminal charges including attempted gang assault, falsifying records and official misconduct.

If convicted they could face years in prison.

Attorney Pishoy Yacoub delivered a dramatic opening statement that highlighted the brutality of the beating of Jahmal Lightfoot on the night of July 11, 2012 and the officers’ attempts to cover it up.

The assault was ordered to make an example out of Lightfoot at a time when violence at Rikers Island, New York’s main jail complex, was at an “all-time high,” Yacoub said.

Lightfoot had a criminal record, “but an inmate can be a victim too,” the attorney said in an opening statement to which defense lawyers repeatedly jumped up to object.

Eliseo Perez, an assistant chief of security, and Gerald Vaughn, a captain, ordered that Lightfoot’s teeth be kicked in, said Yacoub, quoting liberally from the swear words and threats he said they used.

Five corrections officers carried out the order, kicking Lightfoot all over his body and “stomping” on his head with the heels of their boots until they fractured both eye sockets and broke his nose, he said.

Officers pinned down his arms and legs, while two others kicked his face “like a football,” Yacoub told the court. At one point, Lightfoot wrapped his hands around his head in self-protection, he said.

A photograph taken after the assault will show that Lightfoot’s face was so swollen his eyes could not be seen, he added.

The officers were supposed to report the incident within 15 minutes, but they waited two hours and only after that made an allegation that Lightfoot had attacked one of them with a sharp object, he said.

He said the officers planted a sharp piece of metal on Lightfoot that was detached from a piece of kit worn by corrections officers, and other inmates heard muffled screams and thumps, he said.

The defendants are all current or former corrections staff. Perez and Vaughn have retired, while the other seven were suspended but have since returned to modified duty, The New York Times has reported.

Malawian man jailed for chopping off friend’s penis

Lilongwe – A Malawian man has been found guilty of chopping off his friend’s penis, but it remains a mystery what he wanted them for, reports Malawi 24.

Phulamazira Kang’ombe, 34, was sentenced to 16 years behind bars after being found guilty of cutting off Chimwemwe Madeya’s penis in November 2014.

Lilongwe police spokesperson Inspector Kingsley Dandaula said that Madeya was on his way from a local drinking place when he encountered Kang’ombe, who viciously attacked him before cutting off his penis.

Madeya was, however, lucky to still be alive.

Dandaula said that later on the same day, some local residents met with the culprit and were stunned by a bad odour coming from him.

They searched him and found the genitals.

Kang’ombe was taken to the police where he was charged with “grievous harm”, contrary to section 238 of the country’s penal code.

In his closing remarks, Prosecutor Assistant Superintendent Gomezgani Mchawi said: “The victim is young and will no longer enjoy his conjugal rights, furthermore he will not be able to give birth.”

A BBC report revealed that the southern African country was experiencing a growth in the sale of male human genitals.

In 2013, four men were arrested and given combined sentence of 26 years in prison after they were caught trying to sell male private parts for at least $11 615 on the black market, said the report.



Cashew is a cash crop grown in west Africa and consumed in the developed world.  The row beans is exported from these farming areas at a cheap price. but the good news is that export of cashew beans has been ban till july 2016 in Ghana. so this will help farmers pile up stock and the government to regulate prices and own the market. cashew is used for the production of cooking oil because it has no chemicals such as fertilizers and so on


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Master this very well next we will tell you how to How to receive payment online in Ghana.



In the olden days church was a religion and it was a common thing to see one church having many branches in a region or country. Followers of a particular faith could easily identify each other. The church was meant to pray to God and help the church members. Example Catholic church develop so many rural areas by building schools and hospitals like Holy family hospital in Techiman Ghana, General hospital Shisong Cameroon and many others worldwide that we  know.

Nowadays the church is business sorry to say. So many churches have sprang up every where in Africa especially west and central regions of Africa. In every 50 meters there is a church with a different name funny of course. Some of them are Heaven investment Chapels, True church of God, in fact over 100 thousand of different churches are in Ghana, Nigeria Ivory Coast, and Cameroon and so on. Out of every 50 men you meet one is either a pastor, deacon /deaconess, elder, priest, apostle, etc.

It is a common situation to see some churches formed because of leadership crisis, money sharing issues or some issues that are not necessary to found in a church. During one church service offertory could be given five times within two to three ours. For counseling or visit to a man of God one has o pay as much as $80 to see him or her for 5minets .this tells you how money minded the men of God are.

On the streets they are every where preaching and telling passers bys to give offertory and receive God’s blessings. Now the word of God is in the market. I wonder if Jesus was money minded like that would he have died for us. Some pastors in Ghana claim they can turn to snakes and bite. To attract people in your church a pastor must perform miracles and some sort of soothsaying to his or her followers. And this comes with a fee too. Nearly all of them used anointing oil to bless and curse in their churches. From all indications churches are now establish for money or as a business center. Some cooking oil sold out as anointing oil.

I believe various governments has to do something before things get out of hands