Since I grew up as a child, I have seen several donations to many hospitals. I was born in Kumbo Bui in the North West Province of Cameroon. There we had two giant hospitals Shisong general hospital and Banso Baptist hospital. These hospitals are renowned hospitals yet they rely mostly on help and donations. I thought those hospitals were poor or were in a poor country. When I move to Ghana I meet the same thing. Hospitals in Ghana are always calling for help even the so called Kole Bu and Okonfo Anokye hospitals in Accra and Kumasi respectively are crying for help here and there. Either the lift at the maternity at Kole Bu needs help or is the emergency department which needs help at Kumasi hospital.

My question is what happens to the internally generated funds or are they always running at a loss? Yes let’s say is a loss then why is it that all or majority of the hospitals are always crying for help. Does it means that hospitals are not a good business to embark on or what it is about?

When younger hospitals are crying we thought its because they are growing. It seems the dieses of cry for help remains in them even after takeoff and break even.

We know drugs are subsidize by world health organization and some philanthropic Groups or is it the hospitals that subsidies the drugs for patients? We all know it is emphatically NO to this. Patients pay for facilities and utilities in hospitals such as water, electricity, bed, and fees such as consultation and the sell of drugs which all pharmacists will tell you it gives a good profit before tax. We know that fees bring in some income. I do not know whether it is the taxation department of every nation that siphons their income through tax or can we conclude that every hospital make losses. Some times as far as seats for patients to sit on is begged for. Wheel chairs, trolleys, gloves, beds, building blocks are in some case constructed by community labor are being donated to healthcare providers in the developing countries. Be it in Africa South America or Asia.

Healthcare is one of the factor that determents development of a country. A nation with a good healthcare is said to be moving towards maturity.

 From my studies most of the hospitals are owned and controlled by the government in the developing countries who tend to invest little on it, interims of equipment and infra structure and care less about competition from others. This is in accordance with the health providers In Techiman Ghana who works with the government clinics.  Private hospitals are better up than public on the other hand because they are profit driven. Even though they also cry for help. According to sources they (private health providers) source their own funds which are not always adequate to demand and the growing trends of dieses in their catchment areas. The government only supports them depending on the dieses outbreak at a time.  At the moment, in Ghana, the government has releases help to healthcare givers especially in Brong Ahafo region to curve out meningitis out break from December 2016 to February 21, 2016. The health givers claim it is not always adequate.

Is this enough to build the culture of ‘’WE NEED HELP!!!’’ that all healthcare givers in the developing nations have been singing all day long?

Written by Ngah Paul Shiyntum


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