In the olden days church was a religion and it was a common thing to see one church having many branches in a region or country. Followers of a particular faith could easily identify each other. The church was meant to pray to God and help the church members. Example Catholic church develop so many rural areas by building schools and hospitals like Holy family hospital in Techiman Ghana, General hospital Shisong Cameroon and many others worldwide that we  know.

Nowadays the church is business sorry to say. So many churches have sprang up every where in Africa especially west and central regions of Africa. In every 50 meters there is a church with a different name funny of course. Some of them are Heaven investment Chapels, True church of God, in fact over 100 thousand of different churches are in Ghana, Nigeria Ivory Coast, and Cameroon and so on. Out of every 50 men you meet one is either a pastor, deacon /deaconess, elder, priest, apostle, etc.

It is a common situation to see some churches formed because of leadership crisis, money sharing issues or some issues that are not necessary to found in a church. During one church service offertory could be given five times within two to three ours. For counseling or visit to a man of God one has o pay as much as $80 to see him or her for 5minets .this tells you how money minded the men of God are.

On the streets they are every where preaching and telling passers bys to give offertory and receive God’s blessings. Now the word of God is in the market. I wonder if Jesus was money minded like that would he have died for us. Some pastors in Ghana claim they can turn to snakes and bite. To attract people in your church a pastor must perform miracles and some sort of soothsaying to his or her followers. And this comes with a fee too. Nearly all of them used anointing oil to bless and curse in their churches. From all indications churches are now establish for money or as a business center. Some cooking oil sold out as anointing oil.

I believe various governments has to do something before things get out of hands


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