The surrender

The surrender

Shortly after dawn, however, video footage showed soldiers surrendering. Hundreds turned themselves in to police in Ankara, Turkish state media reported.
They walked away from tanks and abandoned their posts on the Bosphorus Bridge connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.
Turkish Airlines resumed flights out of Istanbul Ataturk Airport, which had been overrun by protesters. However, U.S.-based airlines are prohibited by the Federal Aviation Administration from flying to Ataturk or Esenboga International Airport in Ankara.
The U.S. State Department issued a travel warning on Saturday telling Americans to reconsider trips to Turkey at this time and urging those that did visit the country to “stay vigilant” and “avoid large crowds.”
A Turkish police officer embracea a man on a tank after the military position was taken over at the Anatolian side at Uskudar in Istanbul on Saturday.

Erdogan was elected Prime Minister in 2003. Under his rule, Turkey became a powerhouse in the Middle East. His reign came to an end in 2014, and his own party’s rules prevented him from seeking a fourth term.

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