Environmentalists and Scientists in Bamenda…This is for
There are persistent complains about the smell
emanating from the teargas in the environment (Sonac
Street area) weeks after police teargassed protesters.
Dear scientists and environmentalists, students in
universities: take a few hours of your time to get the
teargas canisters and bullets and find out what kind of
products have been used against Cameroonians. What
are the long term effects and what do you propose as
solution to the people ? It is very important. Speak to
media practitioners about your findings and let us all
know how to survive. Its is very important. Very.
Do not say you are use to the smell in Bamenda. No. No
and No. Listen…
At this stage of the struggle for our liberties, rights and
freedoms we can never tell whether our people would
remain safe or problems might emanate in future. What
could happen as complains keep coming up and
government is silent about it.
We can not rule out the fact that an alleged crime
against humanity could and might have been committed.
I mean it. A government which brutalises its people,
peaceful protesters, can do anything. They don’t deserve
our trust until they show us they love and care and
listen and dialogue with the people.
Remain vigilant, watch over yourselves and neighbours,
Franchophone or Anglophone. God be with you all!
Pic: sample teargas canisters and bullets reportedly
used in Bamenda NW of Cameroon



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