War slowly into Cameroon /Cameroun 

BREAKING NEWS FROM THE MOST FEARFUL AMBAZONIA TIGERS STUNNING 10 DAYS STARKEST CIVIL WAR CRUSADER WARNING ULTIMATUM TO DICTATOR BIYA to remove all his francophone governors, teachers,  SDOs, DOs, mayors, directors, court judges, magistrates and all military men from Ambazonia territory and also free all arrested Ambazonians in detention and prison cells within ten days beginning today or risk sinking the entire country into large scale civil war with catastrophic consequences that will be bloody and deadly as no francophone will be left alive in Ambazonia territory if Biya does not honour this ten days warning especially following the atrocities at Kwa Kwa that resulted to the death of 112 Biya’s soldiers being killed in last Wednesday Tiger’s fierce battled  alone. Dictator Biya must realise that burning towns and villages will never stop Amba Tigers from completely obliterate Biya’s regime francophone operators in Ambaland with thunderous consequences that will last for many years to come. Ambazonia defense forces will continue to build-up its self defense capabilities, the pivot of which Amba Tigers triumphant strike on Biya’s soldiers and hostile francophone administrators has yielded grimed results. Camerfool mouthpiece of the Biya’s government Issa Tchiroma was personally notified and served with  a letter to deliver to his terrorist leader Biya. Heads of Some Cameroon security agencies and the minister of defense Joseph Assomo has also been hand delivered warning letter against toying with the lives of Ambazonians. Amba Tigers has also notified other Ambazonian security agency’s special forces ADF, SOCADEF Amba commando,Amba Snipers,  Amba warriors, and Amba freedom fighters to be ready to destroy any traces of Biya and his colonial civil servants in Ambazonia territory in one of the most dangerously invincible civil war crusader to begin in all major towns and villages as soon as the ultimatum expired within the period of validity, There will be random kidnapping and killing of francophone teachers, governors, soldiers, SDOs, Dos, mayors, judges, gendarmes, polices, traders, magistrates and vehicle operators, CDC, Pamol, and Sonara francophone workers, managers and directors.   Biya must not underestimate the extent to which Amba Tigers and other Ambazonia defense forces can go once they start, There will be no amount of Biya left over useless and poorly trained military men to quench the strikes of Amba Tigers as the incident last Monday January 15, 2018 was just warning strikes for the worst to come if Biya failed to follow our ultimatum. Self defense is the only force to take part what belongs to Ambazonians. No retreat and No surrender.

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