Dr. Ojong in sick bed at Abuja 

This is AmbaNews Breaking News: Released Ambazonian Leader Speaks from Hospital Bed
– Why Dr. Ojong, Bar. Nalowa were not deported.

– Where the rest of the leaders currently are.

– Were they set up; by who?
People, Calabar-based AmbaNews reporter met, for the first time, one of the released Ambazonian leader, Sisiku Dr. Ojong Okongor at his hospital bed in Abuja. At first, due to his difficult health predicament caused by harsh prison conditions, Dr. Ojong turned down making any statements but our reporter was able to squeeze out certain pertinent information that is important for our readership. We propose to list them out in point form:
1. The abduction was made around 8:45 PM local time at Nera hotel by heavily armed elements of the Nigerian DSS. Unlike most bloggers and media houses had earlier reported, La Republique forces did not participate in the process. However, the abductions came as a result of close diplomatic collaboration between the two shithole countries;
2. Unlike previously reported, our abducted leaders where kept in an underground prison. They were subjected to the harshest dehumanizing conditions ever. They had no access to light and very little air. They saw light once a day; and this happened only when some guard would bring very poorly cooked, waltery and unappetizing food.
This poor prison condition dealt a mighty psychological blow on our leaders. Their health conditions badly deteriorated so much so that, after release, Dr. Ojong is still being hospitalised. He is currently suffering from severe medical conditions. By press time, AmbaNews had not gotten the authorisation to publish the medical record of Dr. Ojong.
3. Our lone abducted female leader, Bar. Nalowa Bih also underwent similar psychological torture as were the men. She too was held in the underground prison but in a different cell. A few days after, she bled to near death. She lost her baby.
4. Our leaders were truly deported to Yaounde: on the day of the deportation of our President and team from the Abuja airport, an immigration officer identified Dr. Ojong. Upon interrogation and investigation, it turned out that Dr. Ojong is a citizen of Nigeria. That is how Dr. Ojong narrowly escaped deportation to the terrorist state of La Republique du CameroUn.
“…when I saw Sisiku AyukTabe and the others being ferried to La Republique’s airplane, I wept for them. It was a sad experience…” Dr. Ojong lamented on his Abuja hospital bed. This eyewitness narrative from one of our leaders goes to corroborate AmbaNews’ previous publication that an unimpeachable military source at SED recounted an encounter between himself and Sisiku Julius AyukTabe.
Dr. Ojong wasn’t able to explain for Bar Nalowa but AmbaNews understands that her non-deportation is linked to nationality issues as well. It is said that one of her parents come from the Boki side of Nigeria. AmbaNews has the facts but we believe it is not for public consumption. We respect the privacy of Bar Nalowa. But what we should emphasise here is that; again, contrary to what some think, her non deportation may not be linked to treachery.
5. AmbaNews is leaving out point 5 for future publication. When Sisiku Ojong would have had the strength to talk freely without difficulty, we shall come back with point 5.
We, of this platform hope that as the released begin to speak out, we shall kill surmises and work towards avoiding a repeat of the past mistake. 
* Some persons will now tiptoe to this platform to get FREE information and then turnaround to ‘kosh’ the same platform that toils to bring our people the most recent updates. If not of the Ambazonian culture that we resect our big bros, we would ‘kosh’ them back.

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