The  Red DRAGONS in Action again  in the federal Republic of Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons) 

Eye witness report 


The Red Dragons Roars Again.
The Red  Dragons had completely wipe out all the Gendarms in Alou Lebialem County . Yesterday Wednesday was  the Installation ceremony  of new Gendarm  officers.
 Immediately after the installation delegation made of top military officers left back for Bafoussam, the Dragons responded. 

They raided the Gendamerie post, killing 6 of them and carried away lots of  amunitions. 
On another note, the bomb explosions at Beluah and Nchobenyae last Thursdays and Monday this week that blew up two military trucks left  14 soldiers Dead and the two trucks destroyed beyond repairs.

Those with life threatening injuries were taken to MHA Hospital at Nveh.  It can now be confirmed that out of those with life threatening injuries 15 more  has died. 
Azi and Menji are under high security Camara surveillance. 

So our people are warned to watch their steps as they move around Azi and Menji. 
Reported by an Eye Witness from  Azi.

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