Investors Leaving CAMEROUN!!  WHY? 

BREAKING CELEBRATION NEWS FROM THE Ambazonia Independence restoration that is scoring some thunderous results in SONARA already with TOTAL and ELF, both French oil companies that held important shares in the National Oil Refinery SONARA in Limbe. Have all withdrawn their shares from the company and preferred settling in Ivory Coast. The revelation was made in a Board meeting to overhaul the company that is already crumbling. “We cannot stake our money any longer in a potentially hazardous zone,” the TOTAL representative is reported to have said. It is reported he explained further by stating that the Southern Cameroons liberation activists are gaining grounds and anything could happen at anytime in the SONARA area which is in Southern Cameroons. Cameroon government has finally shut down all operations in SONARA until further notice due to escalation of Anglophone crises that is taking the greatest toll of Biya’s soldiers on average of 580 dead a month since the start of the war. Worse economic conditions leading to another recession with salaries of civil servants not being paid two years behind scheduled. All this mess could have been avoided if retarded Paul Biya had simply call for dialogue to separate peacefully. Biya is a stubborn fly that never listen to advice and as a result will follow the corpses of his soldiers to their graves.

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