AMBAZONIA  Galantly Rising to expectation (According to Daily Telegraph) 

Soldiers Wounded In Kesham I, Traitors Killed In Kikaikom, Ogomoko!
A number of soldiers have been reportedly wounded in heavy gun exchanges that ensued in Kesham I, Akwaya Sub-Division, Manyu Division,  South West. According to National Telegraph’s secret stringers, unknown men reportedly attacked a military cantonment in that locality, Thursday April 26, 2018, injuring some soldiers. 
Meanwhile, in Ogomoko, in Eyumojock Sub-Division Division still in Manyu, a man said to be a notorious informant for Mr. Biya was shot dead at about 8PM Friday April 27, 2018. Reports say Oben Samuel had received a letter from unknown men in which he was promised death before escaping to Limbe. National Telegraph gathered that after spending about a month in Limbe, he returned to the village, boasting how no one can dare him. He was dared, dealt with and buried, a source has hinted. 
Elsewhere, in Kumbo Sub-Division, Bui Division,  North West, another man considered a traitor was shot and killed inside his house at Roberta quater in Kikaikom village, Thursday April 26, 2018. The deceased whose only identity we obtained as Saaman ( a Muslim ) was taken by unknown men from his parlor, pulled away from his wife and kids into his room where he was finally shot. 
Still in Kumbo Sub-Division, three persons wounded at Mbiim are currently receiving treatment at the Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH) in Kumbo. Reports say they were wounded by unknown men after they were accused of writing and giving names of locals to soldiers.
 Meanwhile, the village head of Mbam, a second class village in Kom in Fundong Sub-Division, Boyo Division, North West has promised never to betray locals. Nsom Augustine was spared by unknown men after he pledged never to meddle in the affairs of those defending children, women and properties from military brutality. 
Eric Tataw for National Telegraph, USA 

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