Today on the 20th May we cross our fingers hard for the many heroic Amba Boyz who defend our homeland so bravely from the brutal, illegal and lousy occupation forces by LRC. It is to be expected that many have died and will die today, mostly those from LRC, and that our Homeland Security will gain more and more terrain and local victories, because they are getting more experienced, more in numbers and more self-confident by success. We have to be deeply grateful for their courage and praise them forever, no matter how they call their group or who finances their equipment. Nevertheless we especially in the diaspora have to do more to support and protect and frame them, so that the spiral of violence is not escalating into the wrong direction. By framing I mean that our diaspora leaders have to teach anyone of importance in the world better about the clear distinction between us, the victims, and LRC, the perpetrator, aggressor, tyrant. And for that distinction it is essential that in any conversation we have with foreigners or sceptics we point out it is LRC who started aggression and war crimes FIRST! We were peacefully protesting and marching in the beginning, but LRC started shooting, abducting, raping, maiming, occupying, burning etc. It is LRC who started illegal occupation of Ambaland and NOT Ambaland who is occupying and killing around in LRC! And why is it so important to point that out always? Because it is the trick of neocolonizer France to portray all Camerounese and Ambazonian people as the same “stupid people who can’t control their emotions and therefore can’t govern themselves and that’s why they need a strong dictator backed up by French and US military”. So we Ambazonians have to do everything to prevent France to trick the world by this lie. And we can do that by controlling our emotions and by diligently, permanently pointing out inhowfar our forces behave more legally, more civilized, more rightfully and only RE-act AFTER LRC forces have done crimes FIRST! So every time foreigners, media or politicians are asking: “What’s happening in Cameroon? What can be done to solve the crisis?” we have to point out that 

a) LRC’s puppet dictator Biya has started the crisis first

b) the crisis is rooted in French (Camerounese) mal-governance and not in Anglophones

c) Ambazonia has been voted sovereign by the UN in 1961 already and is not called SC anymore since restoration law 1984

d) Ambazonian Homeland Security is just defending civilians attacked by war criminals

e) Ambazonians are modern, educated democrats and united in their will to fight terrorism side on side with all other free nations who fight terrorism.
So we Ambazonians need to stop in our internal conversations to doubt our brave Amba Boyz and to fraternize with the enemy just “to keep peace”. No, as long as LRC is ruled by such a terrible, incompetent, illegal, neocolonialist puppet regime of France we cannot dialogue or negotiate anything with them. They have proven for decades that they are not willing to allow the Ambazonians any tiny bit of self-governance! So the only way with such a criminal regime is to fight until we can tell them an ULTIMATUM! And any Ambazonian group leader shall know that he must not cross our brave Amba Tigers, Dragons, Odeshis etc. in ANY way! But our forces on GZ should also understand that diplomacy, constitution drafting and a national convention of all diaspora groups is also necessary, because when we reach Buea we have to have an excellent new Constitution ready which forces any leader and politician under the law so that we don’t get just another tyranny again. For now of course the fighting is more important, but the nitty gritty writing work on the new rules can and must be done in the background as well. And in that background we should stay aware that the most achievements on the constitutional legal field were achieved by Fon Dinka’s Republic of Ambazonia and the IG must never fall back behind that. There are still people in and around the IG who want federalization with LRC and further abduction of any true leader into independence. These people need to be depowered. And those people who support the constitutionality doctrine of RoA must be empowered. Actually everyone who still calls Ambazonia “Southern Cameroons” is betraying the struggle, because our anthym says “… pledge our loyalty to Ambazonia …” and NOT “Southern Cameroons”. It is essential to understand that true independence has to jump out from BOTH, the British and the French neocolonialism! This is what our Amba Boyz understood much better than any diaspora leader who bet on any form of negotiations with the British or French. The Amba Boyz are right! If you want freedom, you have TO TAKE IT INTO YOUR HANDS! 
AMBAZONIA WILL BE FREE SOONER OR LATER! (…. and the sooner we free ourselves from the fraternizers with La Regime the sooner ….)

  1. by Christoph Hans Messner

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