AMBAZONIA DRAGONS  IS  DEFENDING IT’S  Country men, women and children 

Breaking News from Azi. The Dragons squared up with lrc Soldiers in Azi today May 22. 
You must have seen very very  clear pictures of houses burnt in Azi and NJeh by lrc , right ?

A lady by name Mrs Nkiafu Fuatuchang ,  wife of Chief Fuatuchang of Atuchang,  was heard telling someone on the phone the exact  spots where our boys have always stood to take those pictures of Lrc soldiers atrocities in Azi and NJeh. He mentioned some of their names.

She didn’t know Lady X was approaching from the back. Lady X overheard the conversation and sharply rebuked her for her betrayal and walked past by. They were both returning from a funeral. 
Exactly Two Days later,(Yesterday)  lrc soldiers in Azi moved up to the spots in Belung quarters and burnt down  so many houses. One elderly man was dragged to Azi and shut dead. The corpse is still lying there as we speak. 
The Dragons were  enraged by the attrocities and descended to  Azi today, and completely killed all the 70 Lrc stationed in Azi. It was a 4 hours long battle. Some of the soldiers ran into the palm plantation behind the Palace in Azi, yet the Dragons pursued them right there and killed them. Some towards Njentse village,  but again the Dragons pursued and killed all of them. Some ran and hid themselves in other nearby bushes around Azi and old houses. But the Dragons sort all of them out and killed them. One was found around Nchobenyae escaping but the Dragons stationed there killed him. 

As we speak lrc were completely and totally eradicated from Azi. Their corpse are lying everywhere. The Dragons are still in Azi as we speak. So much amunitions seized. 
Meanwhile Mrs Nkiafu Fuatuchand is wanted live or dead. She is a traitor. Chief Fuatuchang  was interogated by the Dragons but he declared his innocence. 
Reporting right from Azi Lebialem.

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