We are in a time when we need to pay more attention to Current News…

Today, Israel’s Prime Minister is Visiting Washington for the First time in Trump’s Administration.

Netanyahus’ main Agenda, is to discuss moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem.

Note: Both Israel and Palestine claim Jerusalem to be their Capital.

Truth: Jerusalem has been the Capital of the Jews from the time of King David in the Bible, until around Ad 35 to 70, when all Jews were forced to flee from Jerusalem to other countries.

What to Look out for in this Period:

If Trump’s Administration is to support the Jews to move their Capital to Jerusalem, there is going to be more increase of intifada, war of Muslim countries against the Jews and against America.

The Jews need to build the Last Temple Prophesied in the Bible…

The Temple whose building material has already been prepared could only be built in Jerusalem, the exact place of the Dome of the Rock, which the Muslims see as the only SURVIVING Share (shrine) of the Muslims in the Middle East.

Anything could happen between now and the end of Trump’s Presidency.

12 Major Events to Watch out For After This Meeting:

1. Moving Israel’s Capital
To Jerusalem.

2. Building of the Last
Temple in Jerusalem.

3. Rapture of the

4. The Great

5. The Physical
Manifestation of the

6. The 2 Prophets and
Their Ministry.

7. The War of

8. The 1000 years millennial reign of Christ with the saints

9. Final Judgement of the dead and the living… total destruction of this sinful world and Satan & his kingdom

10. Emergence of the new heaven and the new earth

11. Believers being with God forever enjoying the presence and the glory of God forever

12. Believers Walking the streets of Gold… eat the fruit of the tree of life… while sinners (unsaved) spend eternity in hell fire with knashing of teeth forever and ever….

(Please note that these events are not written in strict sequential order ie order of occurence)

There is no time to waste so Let me start with you….

Beloved, you have heard it all. Please repent and be baptized, if you have not. But if you have repented already, then search yourself, examine your life and see if there are areas in your life where you have gone astray, make amends pray for mercy, forgiveness and restoration!

The end is at the door! Therefore, please share, it could save a life. God bless you!



Donald Trump is considering a new executive order to
ban citizens of certain countries from travelling to the
US after his initial attempt was overturned in the courts.
Mr Trump told reporters on Air Force One that a “brand
new order” could be issued as early as Monday or
It comes after an appeals court in San Francisco upheld
a court ruling to suspend his original order.
It barred entry from citizens from seven mainly Muslim
It is unclear what a new US immigration order might look
Mr Trump said that it would change “very little”, but he
did not provide details of any new ban under
Despite his suggestion on Friday, Mr Trump’s
administration may still pursue its case in the courts
over the original order, which was halted a week ago by
a Seattle judge.
“We’ll win that battle,” Mr Trump told reporters, adding:
“The unfortunate part is it takes time. We’ll win that
battle. But we also have a lot of other options, including
just filing a brand new order.”
A unnamed judge from the 9th US Circuit Court of
Appeals, which on Thursday upheld the stay on the
original order, has called on all 25 judges of that court
to vote on whether to hear the appeal again.
Technically known as an en banc review, a second
hearing of the case would involve an 11-judge panel,
rather than the three who initially heard the appeal.
Mr Trump’s travel ban, which was hastily unveiled at the
end of his first week in office, caused chaos at US
airports and sparked protests across the country.


The BBC’s Martin Patience examines some of the 2.5
tonnes of “plastic rice” seized in the Nigerian city of
Lagos customs chief Haruna Mamudu said the fake rice
was intended to be sold in markets during the festive
He said the rice was very sticky after it was boiled and
“only God knows what would have happened” if people
ate it.
It is not clear where the seized sacks came from but rice
made from plastic pellets was found in China last year


Environmentalists and Scientists in Bamenda…This is for
There are persistent complains about the smell
emanating from the teargas in the environment (Sonac
Street area) weeks after police teargassed protesters.
Dear scientists and environmentalists, students in
universities: take a few hours of your time to get the
teargas canisters and bullets and find out what kind of
products have been used against Cameroonians. What
are the long term effects and what do you propose as
solution to the people ? It is very important. Speak to
media practitioners about your findings and let us all
know how to survive. Its is very important. Very.
Do not say you are use to the smell in Bamenda. No. No
and No. Listen…
At this stage of the struggle for our liberties, rights and
freedoms we can never tell whether our people would
remain safe or problems might emanate in future. What
could happen as complains keep coming up and
government is silent about it.
We can not rule out the fact that an alleged crime
against humanity could and might have been committed.
I mean it. A government which brutalises its people,
peaceful protesters, can do anything. They don’t deserve
our trust until they show us they love and care and
listen and dialogue with the people.
Remain vigilant, watch over yourselves and neighbours,
Franchophone or Anglophone. God be with you all!
Pic: sample teargas canisters and bullets reportedly
used in Bamenda NW of Cameroon


The English speaking Cameroonians have been surffering in the hands of the French speaking Cameroun since time imemorial. The intencity of the bad treatment has increased to a point that:
In English speaking schools french teachers are postefd o teach who does not speak English thus bringing down the quality of education in the English Cameroon and killing English Language

In the court of justice , French trained juges are asked to preside over cases in English Courts of which they juges do not speak nor understand English Language.

No English person has ever been a finance/ Defence minister or other key positions in the country.

Development is poor roads etc

Now the English called Ambazonia wants indepemdence or Federal state. Because of this there has been Strikes, arests,torture etc all in the English called Anglophones.

Protest Against President Trump

Donald Trump’s win sparks protests in New York,
Thousands of people opposing president-elect Donald
Trump march in Chicago and New York, chanting “not
my president”.
A march in Chicago was one of Wednesday’s many anti-
Trump rallies [Felicia Darnell/Al Jazeera]
Thousands of people have taken to the streets in several
US cities to protest against Republican Donald Trump’s
surprise victory in the presidential election, condeming
his campaign rhetoric around immigrants, Muslims and
other groups.
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What will a Trump presidency mean for the US?
On Wednesday evening, thousands of protesters
thronged streets in midtown Manhattan, New York City.
Some burned a US flag as they reached the Trump Tower
while other chanted: “Not my president”.
In Chicago, roughly 1,000 people attempted to gather
outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower
downtown while chanting phrases like “No Trump! No
KKK! No racist USA”.
Chicago police closed roads in the area, blocking the
demonstrators’ path.
Protesters condemned Trump’s campaign pledge to build
a wall along the border with Mexico to keep out
undocumented immigrants and other policies perceived
as affecting people of colour.
In his victory speech, however, Trump said he would be
president for all Americans, saying: “It is time for us to
come together as one united people.”
In Chicago, Angie Victoria, 27, told Al Jazeera: “I think
[Trump] getting elected is an atrocity. There’s no way
he’s qualified to be president, he’s so erratic. There’s no
platform; he just appealed to people stewing in bigotry
and racism.”
Izzy Mosser, 19, said: “A presidency under Trump is …
scary. The only good thing is that people are coming
together to stop him. It’s dividing and uniting at the
same time.”
Protesters reach Trump Tower as they march in
Manhattan, New York [Eduardo Munoz/Reuters]
In Austin, the Texas capital, about 400 people staged a
march through the city’s streets, police said.
Other protests were organised in Washington, DC, San
Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Tennessee and other cities.
Earlier in the day, some 1,500 California students and
teachers rallied in the courtyard of Berkeley High School,
a San Francisco Bay Area city known for its progressive
politics, before marching towards the campus of the
University of California, Berkeley.
Hundreds of high school and college students walked
out in protest in Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles and three
other cities in the Bay Area, Richmond, El Cerrito and
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Inside Story – Will America be great again?
A predominantly Latino group of about 300 high school
students walked out of classes on Wednesday morning
in Los Angeles and marched to the steps of City Hall,
where they held a brief but energetic rally.
Chanting in Spanish, “The people united will never be
defeated,” the group held signs with slogans such as
“Not Supporting Racism, Not My President” and
“Immigrants Make America Great.”
Many of those students were members of the “Dreamers”
generation, children whose parents entered the US with
them illegally, school officials said, and who fear
deportation under a Trump administration.
Wednesday’s demonstrations followed a night of
protests around the San Francisco Bay Area and
elsewhere in the country in response to Trump’s
political upset.
In heavily Democrat Washington, DC, hundreds of Trump
opponents and a few of his supporters gathered by the
White House, chanting in support of immigrants and
against the president-elect.
Demonstrators attacked storefront windows and set
garbage and tyres ablaze late on Tuesday in the
business district of Oakland, California.
Police detain a protester marching against Trump in
Oakland [Noah Berger/Reuters]

Same sex Issues

In this photo taken on Friday, Nov. 4, 2016, Cindy Su,
left, and Lana Yu hold their baby during an exclusive
interview with The Associated Press in Taipei, Taiwan.
Alongside its vibrant youth culture, gay and lesbian
causes have gone from scorn to acceptance in barely a
generation, to the point that parliament is now expected
to legalize same-sex marriage within months. “Now, if
something happens to the child, the other partner is
nothing but a stranger,” said Su, a 35-year-old software
engineer in Taipei. By contrast, either partner in a legally
recognized marriage could make legal, medical and
educational decisions, she says. (AP Photo/Chiang
Su Shan and her partner are raising 5-month-old twins
together, but only one of the women is their legal
parent. That could soon change as Taiwan appears set
to become the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex
“Now, if something happens to the child, the other
partner is nothing but a stranger,” said Su, a 35-year-old
software engineer in Taipei. By contrast, either partner in
a legally recognized marriage could make legal, medical
and educational decisions, she says.
Taiwanese lawmakers are currently working on three
bills in support of marriage equality, one of which is
already listed for review and could be passed within
months. Same-sex marriage also has the prominent
support of President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s first female
head of state.
About 80 percent of Taiwanese between ages 20 and 29
support same-sex marriage, said Tseng Yen-jung,
spokeswoman for the group Taiwan LGBT Family Rights
Advocacy , citing local university studies. Taiwan’s
United Daily News found in a survey taken four years
ago that 55 percent of the public supported same-sex
marriage, with 37 percent opposed.
That’s seen as a reflection of Taiwan’s ready acceptance
of multi-party democracy and other inclusive attitudes,
as well as the fact that Taiwan’s 23 million people
largely follow Buddhism and traditional Chinese
religions that take no strong positions on sexual
orientation or gay marriage .
Gay and lesbian relationships began to find wide
acceptance in the 1990s, aided by the already well-
established feminist movement, said Jens Damm,
associate Professor in the Graduate Institute of Taiwan
Studies at Chang Jung University in Taiwan.
“The elite became in favor of a kind of gender equality,”
Damm said.
Still, same-sex marriage still had to overcome traditional
perceptions of gender roles and the strong pressure on
children to marry and have kids. The self-ruled island
also lacks many openly gay and lesbian celebrities to
lead the way; the writer and television talk show host
Kevin Tsai is among the few exceptions.
Taiwan would join Canada, Colombia, Ireland, the United
States and 16 other countries that have legalized same-
sex marriage over the past 15 years, according to the
Washington, D.C.-based LGBT rights advocacy group
Human Rights Campaign . But it would be a notable
exception among Asian and Middle Eastern countries, at
least 20 of which continue to ban same-sex intercourse.
“It’s a big step forward for the history of human rights,”
said Yu Mei-nu, a ruling Democratic Progressive Party
lawmaker who is sponsoring the same-sex marriage bill
now in line for parliamentary debate. “If Taiwan can get
this passed … it will give other Asian countries a
Taiwan’s Justice Ministry has not backed a specific bill,
but pledged on its website last month to maintain an
“attitude of openness” toward same-sex marriage.
President Tsai said as recently as October that she
supports same-sex marriage.
Domestic gays and lesbians have also formed an
effective lobby in recent years. An annual Gay Pride
march in Taipei last month drew tens of thousands of
people, many pushing for gay marriage. About 100
people have separately formed a group pushing for the
For Log Chen, a Tarot card fortune teller in Taipei,
legalized marriage would mean she and her partner of
three years could make future plans with more
“In case something happens to my partner, I will not be
left with nothing,” Chen, 32, said.
While practical issues such as sharing assets and
medical benefits are motivating factors, simple love and
respect are also a strong impetus, said Jay Lin, founder
and director of the Taiwan International Queer Film
“There are lots of people who have been loving and
committed to each other for decades and they’d like to
put a ring around their finger,” said the father of 4-
month-old twin boys, who said he would consider
marrying his partner.
Still, as legalization grows closer, opposition to same-
sex marriage is hardening among a small minority of
fundamentalist churches and conservative politicians.
That includes some members of the main opposition
Nationalist Party’s Central Standing Committee, party
spokesman Hu Wen-chi said.
During their time in power, the Nationalists stopped
earlier efforts to pass same-sex marriage bills, including
one introduced in 2013 that met opposition from
Christian groups that gathered signatures from about
400,000 naysayers.
Legalizing same-sex marriages would burden Taiwan’s
welfare system and be tough on children, said Chen
Chih-hung, chairman of the year-old political party Faith
And Hope League, which has no seats in parliament.
The death of a same-sex spouse would leave the
survivor dependent on government support as many
couples would not have children to support them in old
age, Chen said. Children of such couples would find it
difficult to socialize with children from more mainstream
families, he said, although that argument has been
refuted by many social scientists.:
Su, the software engineer, said she and her partner, also
35, find little sign of such concerns among the people
they meet. Most Taiwanese are highly accepting of their
relationship and their right to raise children, she says.
“We go to the market with our kids and people say ‘how
cute,'” she said. “When they find there are two mamas,
they feel intrigued. Maybe they have seen news about
this type of family but don’t have friends near them who
are doing it.”


Italy Earthquake Live Updates: 6.6-Magnitude Quake
Rattles Central Italy, Parts Of Rome
10/30/16 AT 3:32 AM
UPDATE: 3:52 a.m. EDT — Emergency officials reportedly
said several buildings were destroyed in Sunday’s 6.6-
magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy.
Local media reports said that in the town of Norcia, the
Basilica of St. Benedict, which traces back to the year
1200, collapsed as a result of the earthquake, while the
Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Argentea also suffered
major damage.
Some parts of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
also felt the earthquake.
Original story:
A 6.6-magnitude earthquake was felt near Norcia in
central Italy on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey
(USGS) said. The tremor comes just days after two major
quakes and about 60 subsequent temblors shake the
The USGS said Sunday’s quake was centered 42 miles
southeast of Perugia. The epicenter, about 82 miles
northeast of Rome, was 67 miles deep. Tremors were
also felt in parts of the capital. There were no immediate
reports of damage or casualties from the latest
On Wednesday, a 5.5-magnitude quake struck near Visso
in Macerata province, followed by a 6.1-magnitude
tremor in the same area two hours later. Authorities
reportedly said that these tremors were linked to the big
quake two months ago which had killed at least 300
people and leveled several towns.
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The Monks of Norcia @
The Basilica of St. Benedict is destroyed,
flattened by most recent earthquake. #
7:15 AM – 30 Oct 2016