We are in a time when we need to pay more attention to Current News…

Today, Israel’s Prime Minister is Visiting Washington for the First time in Trump’s Administration.

Netanyahus’ main Agenda, is to discuss moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem.

Note: Both Israel and Palestine claim Jerusalem to be their Capital.

Truth: Jerusalem has been the Capital of the Jews from the time of King David in the Bible, until around Ad 35 to 70, when all Jews were forced to flee from Jerusalem to other countries.

What to Look out for in this Period:

If Trump’s Administration is to support the Jews to move their Capital to Jerusalem, there is going to be more increase of intifada, war of Muslim countries against the Jews and against America.

The Jews need to build the Last Temple Prophesied in the Bible…

The Temple whose building material has already been prepared could only be built in Jerusalem, the exact place of the Dome of the Rock, which the Muslims see as the only SURVIVING Share (shrine) of the Muslims in the Middle East.

Anything could happen between now and the end of Trump’s Presidency.

12 Major Events to Watch out For After This Meeting:

1. Moving Israel’s Capital
To Jerusalem.

2. Building of the Last
Temple in Jerusalem.

3. Rapture of the

4. The Great

5. The Physical
Manifestation of the

6. The 2 Prophets and
Their Ministry.

7. The War of

8. The 1000 years millennial reign of Christ with the saints

9. Final Judgement of the dead and the living… total destruction of this sinful world and Satan & his kingdom

10. Emergence of the new heaven and the new earth

11. Believers being with God forever enjoying the presence and the glory of God forever

12. Believers Walking the streets of Gold… eat the fruit of the tree of life… while sinners (unsaved) spend eternity in hell fire with knashing of teeth forever and ever….

(Please note that these events are not written in strict sequential order ie order of occurence)

There is no time to waste so Let me start with you….

Beloved, you have heard it all. Please repent and be baptized, if you have not. But if you have repented already, then search yourself, examine your life and see if there are areas in your life where you have gone astray, make amends pray for mercy, forgiveness and restoration!

The end is at the door! Therefore, please share, it could save a life. God bless you!



Italy Earthquake Live Updates: 6.6-Magnitude Quake
Rattles Central Italy, Parts Of Rome
10/30/16 AT 3:32 AM
UPDATE: 3:52 a.m. EDT — Emergency officials reportedly
said several buildings were destroyed in Sunday’s 6.6-
magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy.
Local media reports said that in the town of Norcia, the
Basilica of St. Benedict, which traces back to the year
1200, collapsed as a result of the earthquake, while the
Co-Cathedral of Santa Maria Argentea also suffered
major damage.
Some parts of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
also felt the earthquake.
Original story:
A 6.6-magnitude earthquake was felt near Norcia in
central Italy on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey
(USGS) said. The tremor comes just days after two major
quakes and about 60 subsequent temblors shake the
The USGS said Sunday’s quake was centered 42 miles
southeast of Perugia. The epicenter, about 82 miles
northeast of Rome, was 67 miles deep. Tremors were
also felt in parts of the capital. There were no immediate
reports of damage or casualties from the latest
On Wednesday, a 5.5-magnitude quake struck near Visso
in Macerata province, followed by a 6.1-magnitude
tremor in the same area two hours later. Authorities
reportedly said that these tremors were linked to the big
quake two months ago which had killed at least 300
people and leveled several towns.
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The Monks of Norcia @
The Basilica of St. Benedict is destroyed,
flattened by most recent earthquake. #
7:15 AM – 30 Oct 2016

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has said that the Roman Catholic Church should apologise to gay people for the way it has treated them. He told reporters that the Church had no right to judge the gay community, and should show them respect.

The pontiff also said the Church should seek forgiveness from other people it had marginalised – women, the poor, and children forced into labour.

The Pope has been hailed by many in the gay community for his positive attitude towards homosexuals.

But some conservative Catholics have criticised him for making comments they say are ambiguous about sexual morality.

Speaking to reporters on his plane returning from Armenia, the Pope said: “I will repeat what the catechism of the Church says, that they [homosexuals] should not be discriminated against, that they should be respected, accompanied pastorally.”

Pope Francis said the Church should seek forgiveness from those whom it had marginalised.

“I think that the Church not only should apologise… to a gay person whom it offended but it must also apologise to the poor as well, to the women who have been exploited, to children who have been exploited by [being forced to] work. It must apologise for having blessed so many weapons.”

In 2013, Pope Francis reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church’s position that homosexual acts were sinful, but homosexual orientation was not.

“If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” he said then.

In other remarks on Sunday, the Pope said he hoped the European Union would be able to recover following the UK’s decision to leave.

“There is something that is not working in that bulky union, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water, let’s try to jump-start things, to re-create,” he said.

During his visit to the Armenian capital, Yerevan, the Pope described the mass killing of Armenians under Ottoman Turkish rule in World War One as “genocide”.

Turkey has always disputed the numbers killed and angrily rejects the term “genocide”.

In response, Turkish deputy prime minister Nurettin Canikli said the Pope’s comments were “very unfortunate” adding it was “possible to see all the reflections and traces of crusader mentality in the actions of the papacy”.

The Pope’s spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, later told reporters: “The Pope is on no crusade. He is not trying to organise wars or build walls but he wants to build bridges. He has not said a word against the Turkish people.”

Credit: BBC


In the olden days church was a religion and it was a common thing to see one church having many branches in a region or country. Followers of a particular faith could easily identify each other. The church was meant to pray to God and help the church members. Example Catholic church develop so many rural areas by building schools and hospitals like Holy family hospital in Techiman Ghana, General hospital Shisong Cameroon and many others worldwide that we  know.

Nowadays the church is business sorry to say. So many churches have sprang up every where in Africa especially west and central regions of Africa. In every 50 meters there is a church with a different name funny of course. Some of them are Heaven investment Chapels, True church of God, in fact over 100 thousand of different churches are in Ghana, Nigeria Ivory Coast, and Cameroon and so on. Out of every 50 men you meet one is either a pastor, deacon /deaconess, elder, priest, apostle, etc.

It is a common situation to see some churches formed because of leadership crisis, money sharing issues or some issues that are not necessary to found in a church. During one church service offertory could be given five times within two to three ours. For counseling or visit to a man of God one has o pay as much as $80 to see him or her for 5minets .this tells you how money minded the men of God are.

On the streets they are every where preaching and telling passers bys to give offertory and receive God’s blessings. Now the word of God is in the market. I wonder if Jesus was money minded like that would he have died for us. Some pastors in Ghana claim they can turn to snakes and bite. To attract people in your church a pastor must perform miracles and some sort of soothsaying to his or her followers. And this comes with a fee too. Nearly all of them used anointing oil to bless and curse in their churches. From all indications churches are now establish for money or as a business center. Some cooking oil sold out as anointing oil.

I believe various governments has to do something before things get out of hands